Irish Communities Celebrations of St. Patrick’s day 2012

St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most popular events in the Irish communities abroad. Irish people that emigrated around the globe find this holiday as a very uniting holiday which binds together the first generation of immigrants and also the later generations. Green color, drinking, celebrations and parties are all part of this special holiday that helps to link to the Irish identity and heritage overseas.

The most known parade is the one held in New York. This parade attracts over 2 millions people yearly, to watch the delighting marchers of the parade:

How do you plan to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day thisi year? I’d be happy to hear!

If you haven’t planned your celebration and not sure where to be, the best place to start is an Irish pub in major cities – sure there you will find jolly fellows.


Australia the Immigration Nation

Documentary about Australia’s immigration and its multi-cultural nature. The video is made of 4 parts. The comments on this video raises a lot of question about racism. Regardless of that, it could be a nice introduction to the modern Australia:

Emigrating to Australia from Ireland – An Overview

Update March 2012: There is a change of the Australian visa policy. You might want to learn more about it where I wrote about the Australian immigration policy changes.

Irish people who wish to emigrate from Ireland to other countries, have a certain tendency to prefer English speaking countries over other countries around the world. The reason is quite obvious – the integration process is rapid whether it is work or school, the education of the children is more secure since children can join local schools.

Emigrating to Australia is quite popular in the recent years in Ireland. Besides being an English speaking country, the need for skilled workers, and the relatively convenient term for immigration (in comparison to the the USA), attracts people across Ireland and England.

According to the policy of the Australian government, you will be requested to have an employer (“sponsor”) that should request your arrival. This required a preliminary preparation in finding a contract¬† before arrival. Yet, if your education and skills is in the “Skill Occupation list” (SOL), you have the opportunity to acquire a visa in an easier process.

To check your condition more thoroughly, go through the Visa Wizard which provides better information on the needed documents before migrating to Australia.

An Irish man moving to Australia, will not find himself alone. Let alone that the Irish-Catholics are the biggest minority in Australia, but these include later generations which were not born in the Irish islands. From reading, around one thousand Irish people emigrate to Australia yearly.

The Irish people emigrated to the land down under have already established their own communities, newspaper and of course, some pubs! Obviously, the big cities such as Sydney or Melbourne are more dynamic in this sense, but some other communities might be found (Research for that before your decision, if it matters to you).

Of course, further reading is needed. If you wish to make your move to Australia, start with the aforementioned Visa Wizard to help you to find out what are your chances and opportunities. Good luck!