Leaving New York City and Going Home

New York City, maybe the dream city of any relocation opportunity of people around the world. No doubt that New York encompasses unimaginable number of expats. Naturally, the number of clubs, expats zones, web communities and etc. bloomed over the years and become the second home of people residing in New York City. The art, culture, shopping, career opportunities and money, that were all overwhelming in the beginning, are now an integral part of your life. Leaving it isn’t easy.

When you have to leave your duty and have to plan your move from New York City back home – Think of it as a good thing! You might got used used to the bustling life of NYC too much. You might be ambivalent about whether this is the path you wanted for you and for your family. Time to go home!

The Life of New York City
(Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York_City)

After living and now leaving the American dream you might find adjusting back to these very hard:

  • Adjusting back to the slower pace of your country
  • Less ambitious and competitive business culture (9-5 is not a bad thing anymore?)
  • Less opportunities for development in a field of interest
  • Different income levels, costs and taxes.
  • Reconnecting with old friends and social circles.

As much as assimilating in a new country can take a while (6-12 month), so should going back to your home country. Also, you will have a lot of additional costs for your move, even higher costs than when moving originally to New York City (you’ve probably collected some stuff since then). Finding a cheap international moving service in New York City can be a harder task, so price comparison is a must. In the same time, you might benefit from different tax refund of returning visitors (see here for Irish regulation on income tax). In addition, you also want to make sure that you have all the necessary documentation for matters such as pensions and tax calculation, that will be needed at your home country.

Some expats leaving New York City bring new ideas and opportunities to their own countries. Ideas that worked in large scale in New York City can also run well in your own local sphere. Expats are absolutely a great source of innovation and development since new knowledge and expertise are now imported. Old business connections and networking can also benefit you in finding your new path in your home country.

So, to sum it up, after finishing the paperwork, it is time for you to sit and relax and plan ahead how you are going from this point on. Remember that this change is an opportunity and not a drawback. Good luck!



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