Where Shall I Immigrate To?

I’ve summed up in this post couple of attractive destination to which people are immigrating to in the recent years. I tried to make it an easy reading text. Of course that a decision should be based on more firm grounds. If you have further thoughts about it, you are welcome to share!


The land down under, a popular destination for backpackers who have finished high school and have no idea what they want further in life. For young people it’s a great opportunity to try their luck and apply for a working holiday visa. This kind of visa is usually for a few months, but can be prolonged.
For more mature people there are also plenty of (job) opportunities in Australia. Quite recently the Australian immigration service announced on new policies, which suppose to make it easier for foreign skilled workers to enter the country. These policies have been brought to life because of the skills deficit in Australia in areas such as, health care, construction, IT and education for example. In New Zealand you are also very welcome if you have certain skills.


If you have a business degree, you should definitely explore opportunities in the economic powerhouse of the 21st century. Businesses in Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Japan are eager for western talents. You could easily apply in a local business establishment or directly in the Far East.
For people who are not interested in doing business there is also the accessible option to teach English in Asia. Native English speaker are preferred, but this is not always a requirement. A TEFL-certificate (teaching English as a foreign language) is an important requirement though.


You could also save yourself the trouble and move within the European Union. Due to the free movement act, all citizens of the European Union are allowed to travel, work and live freely within its borders. The only thing you might want to prepare beforehand is a Europass; a document which contains your education, work experience and skills in all European languages.

A popular destination within Europe which isn’t part of the European Union is Norway. The Norwegian economy is growing and there are enough jobs for technicians, (ship)builders, nurses and farmers. (interested? Visit the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration website.)


The prime minister of Canada has announced that they want to attract the best and most intelligent people to Canada in order to get their industry on the highest level ever. Since a lot of countries are amidst an economic crisis and the unemployment rates are very high, it’s the best time to attract talent.

But not just the exceptional worker could go to Canada, they are also eager for nurses, carpenters, plasterers, bricklayers and truck drivers.

What else?

If you really can’t choose, why can’t choose them all? you could always work on a cruise ship! 🙂 The wages aren’t high, but you hardly have the opportunity to spend it. You should however have to be able to stay away from home for a few months at a time, have nothing against small spaces and enjoy the company of the elderly and families.

So if you are planning to relocate, you can read my post Sum Up of Immigration Questions.


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