Sum Up of Immigration Questions

In this post I would like to sum up some of the immigration questions that I heard over the years. I don’t plan to give all the answers (I hope to do it in later posts) but it might be a good overview (and I am open to suggestions of course).

Opportunities Abroad for All

Many families are moving abroad because of an opportunity of one person in the family. It can be be a career opportunity for managers going to supervise a branch overseas; studying abroad in a university for Ph.D or other research programs; or even a diplomatic mission. In these cases, when one of the members have an exciting opportunity, consideration should be made for chances of work and living for the other partner. A move can be frustrating for one of the sides, especially when there is no planning. This of course have to do with the length of the stay overseas. There is a big difference between one year to 5 years to permanent settlement.

Life and Education of the Family

This is by far one of the biggest challenge for parents. Children will have to be taken out from their school, neighborhood, friends and etc. In addition, you might be worried about the education level in the destination. In these cases, most parents prepare the children a long time before the move, while keeping the stress about it out of the house. Children do not really comprehend the repercussions of these types of changes before it actually happens. In addition, parents are usually choosing their neighborhood in the city according to different parameters such as: The existence of international schools; community of the origin country, important facilities and other characteristics for finding the best family-oriented area.


Health insurance is nothing special for movers. But moving abroad with one of the family members is having a health condition, is a different story. First of all, the coverage of the future health expenses should be confirmed beforehand. Also, it should be examined whether environment changes, such as moving from a rural area to a city, or moving to a different climate zone, will have any negative effect. Just an example, check out this blog, Gluten Free Kids Travel of a couple moving between countries with a celiac child. This is admirable.

Renovation of the Future House

If you were thinking that renovating your house can be chaotic your own country, you will find it even harder abroad when you do not know about any local services and contractors. The condition of the house (rented/bought) the moment you move in should be absolutely considered. Remember, it is as always, a major headache.

The Remaining 2 Cents

Income, savings, pension and all other financial condition and social rights are of course, a main concern. This differs so much between countries and was discussed so much in many expats forums, that researching this area should be too hard. In addition, immigration departments of various countries provide detailed information on their websites.

So to sum it up, I hope I covered some of the questions and problems arise when a family wishes to move. Any comment will be greatly appreciated.


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